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Pre-registration is encouraged! The entry form must be completed and in OUR hands no later than Nov. 12, 2009 to receive a FREE N.A.C. XIV T-shirt. Entry forms should be typed or neatly printed.

Method Of Payment: Certified Check, Money Order, Visa or Master Card made payable to the North American Challenge. Be sure to securely staple your payment inside the entry form.

More registration forms can be obtained by calling (440) 930-2202 or by logging onto our website at: .

All registration fees are non-refundable. Please correctly check the appropriate divisions you wish to compete in.


ALL individual competitors must check in the day of the tournament between 8:00 am & 10:00 am. Pre-registered competitors may pick up their packet at the Pre-Registration table.

Dress Code

All reasonable Martial Arts uniforms are acceptable.

Protective Equipment

All Olympic Style sparring events require: Headgear, chest protector, groin cup, shin & in-step pads, forearm guards, and mouthpiece.


Beautiful NAC Medals will be presented as follows. Forms & Breaking: 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place. Sparring: 1st, 2nd, & TWO 3rd places. The NAC will have a Grand Championship trophy for forms and Olympic Sparring. The Grand Championship for forms will be decided between the first place finishers from adult men & adult women Black Belt divisions. The Olympic Sparring Grand Championship will be decided between the 1st place finishers of the Men's Light, Middle, Light Heavy, & Heavy Weight Black Belt divisions.

Time Limits (Sparring)

  • Juniors - 2 rounds of 1 min. with 30 sec rest.
  • Adults - 2 rounds of 1.5 min with 30 sec rest.
  • Black Belt Finals - 3 rounds of 2 min with 30 sec rest between rounds.

Form Competition

All forms from all styles are welcomed.


Any & all disputes shall first be addressed by the ring official. If ring officials can not resolve the dispute, the matter will be presented to the tournament director whose decision if final.

Breaking Competition Adapted From USAT KYUKPA Guidelines

Competitors can choose the kind of techniques and number of boards. The Maximum number of stations is 5 with a maximum setup time of 1 min. and a maximum performance time 1 min. Maximum number of attempts per station is 2 with all breaks within the confines of the ring area. Boards MUST be supplied by NAC. Holders will be available.

Judging will be based on Difficulty of technique, number of boards per break and total number of boards broken. Techniques will be judged on Accuracy, Speed, Power, Balance, Rhythm, and Manner.


All Martial Artists of all styles are welcome. Only competitors who can compete without risk of injury due to acute or chronic medical conditions may compete. Competitors MUST complete, sign, and date the entry form and liability waiver. Participation in the tournament acknowledges agreement to the conditions in the liability waiver. Competitors under the age of 18 must have their forms signed by a parent or lawful guardian.

Olympic Style Sparring Competition


Double Elimination for all 14 - 17 and 18 - 32 Black Belt Sparring Competitors